FAST FLYER / EDCY Welzow Brandenburg Germany 14.-16.,July 2017.


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FAST FLYER EDCY/ Welzow Brandenburg-Germany 14. - 16. July

Dear Mooniacs,

why are we flying Mooneys? They are the strongest, most effecient but as well the fastest aircrafts. A Learjet might fly a higher airspeed, but it has to go to a longer way to a bigger airport while you can land just in front of your destination on a grass strip and have your third afterlanding beer, by the time the learpilot ist still busy to find a taxi or sits in the traffic jam :-)

But what will Mooniacs do, when the destination is a small island with no airstrip? This will be shown on our Seaplane weekend in EDCY Welzow Brandenburg / Germany 14.-16.,July 2017.

After decades of flooding old coledigging areas, East Germany offers a huge watersystem north of Dresden with several lakes, nice beaches /-bars, floating holiday homes, sailingboat and powerboat rentals, etc. (Google is your friend, sometimes). But as well it is very close to our destination EDCY, one of the very rare offical seaplane landing strips (EDUY).

After landing at the former military field Welzow and a welcomedrink in the 'Cafe Concorde', one group will relax or take the opportunity to visit rare planes from older 'Volksarmee'militarytimes and the museeum, while the other group will already get a briefing in basics of the seaplane world. Our very professional seaplaniac and mooniac Rolf will help and guide you through your questions, while Frank, the owner and operator of the seaplane base EDUY will fly with you out to the H2O world. So bring your swimwear!
As we will probably only have one seaplane named SeaRey (maybe another Lake Renegade) available, we won't be able to serve all attendants on Friday. Therefore it is highly recommended to plan at least two nights in the waterworld area and rent a car.

Hotel recommendations:
need luxury and wellness?
floating holiday homes in Saxonia (the border between Brandenburg and Saxonia is crossing the lake):
for our romatic players:
Reasonable and by the lake
or just a bed in a mobilehome right on the airfiled for 12€
contact Jana Döring +49 (03 57 51) 13 83 3

So pack your inflatable paddleboat into your Mooney and get ready to fly very fast to very wet!

Lastly as ever:
1.) please confirm your attendance (with pob, tailnumber and cellular phonenumber for Whatsapp Group, please) asap or latest end of may 2017 using
2.) As it is a non organized 'fast flyer meeting' ALL your flight preparation, flight (s) itself and what it entails as well as any other risk are your responsibility! But of course I encourage you to ask in the group if any questions pop up. We are happy to help (if we can :-)
3.) The costs of the roundtrip waterflight (150€ + 1€ per waterlanding) are to be paid direct to Frank, who will be PIC, so be prepared to bring some cash.

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